Tim Keller - A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory

In a series of articles, Keller has been writing to address some of our contemporary society’s hot button issues through a biblical analysis. He wrote two articles at first. The first deals with the Bible and Race and is so titled. This is a fairly standard interpretation of the Bible’s views of race, or I might say “so called race.”

The second article is on racism and why it is sinful. This is also a fairly standard systematizing of the Bible’s teaching on racism. What he works to emphasize is that sin is both individual and corporate and how the two should be held in balance.[1]

The titular article of this post is the third in the series and critiques secular views of justice, and thus also critical theory. This article does a good job of showing why the various forms of justice that secularists advocate for, all of which have been arisen since the Enlightenment, fall short of a biblical standard of justice.

Some of the above material is reworked into the following post of his at Relevant Magazine.

As Christians, we should not be seeking to accommodate a secular understanding of morality based in human autonomy, but we should seek to be biblically faithful in all things. If we settle for something else, we settle for something less.

  1. See also Are We Held Accountable for the Sins of Our Forefathers? for another article on this subject. ↩︎