Unearthed Arcana: Three Subclasses

A new Unearthed Arcana was released, featuring the Circle of Spores, the Brute, and the School of Invention.

The Circle of Spores is interesting as it tries to give the Druid an alternate use for its Wild Shape, but it is sacrificing a massive amount of versatility for an alternate form of damage; true it gives the Druid a use for Wild Shape while maintaining spellcasting and they do gain temporary Hit Points, but I’m thinking it will easily be a subpar option. It could prove useful in dungeons where perhaps an animal form offers no benefit. The poison damage seems somewhat disappointing given the frequency of Resistance to Poison damage.

The Brute is a sort of re-flavored Champion; it lacks the skill and trades the higher critical hit rate for constant damage, which is an improvement since they would gain the damage on every hit. The bonus damage would allow them to easily pump out more damage than a Battle Master, but the Fighter wasn’t lacking damage.

Perhaps the most interesting is the School of Invention, which seems like it could be the Wizard’s Sorcerous Origin of Wild Magic. Personally, it reads more enjoyably than the Wild Magic Origin, which felt unique but weak.