Variant Rule: Magic Items

Normal: Players are allowed to be attuned to three items.
House: Players are allowed to be attuned to four items. This increase is related to the levels of a player and should be monitored closely.
In our main campaign, each character has a roleplaying item that requires attunement. This attunement is special as it does not count against your character’s limited attuned items. This is because that item can only be used by your specific character.

Available Items
The available magic items are in no way limited to what is available in the DMG. An example new magic item might be a sword or pair of gloves that increase a weapon’s critical range by 1 or increase a weapon’s critical damage, granting an extra die.
Most magic items will have special quirky properties to them and the majority of magic items handed out will be one-time use or have more of an adventuring/exploration related bonus than a mechanical or combat bonus.