Variant Rule: Two-Weapon Strike

The Two-Weapon Strike:

When wielding two light weapons or a dagger and one other weapon, you are two-weapon fighting. You gain the following benefits:

When you take the attack action, you may make a two-weapon attack in place of a regular weapon attack. Use the weapons’ combined weapon dice and the higher enhancement bonus (if either weapon has an enhancement bonus). This counts as a single weapon attack. If you take the attack action more than once on your turn due to having additional actions, such as from action surge or haste, you may use this feature once during each additional action. Any additional attacks gained from the Extra Attack class feature or similar benefits do not allow multiple Two-Weapon Strikes. Instead, you make each additional attack with a single weapon you are wielding.
You may treat your two weapons as a single weapon for the purpose of effects such as magic weapon and Warlock’s Blade Pact and for the purpose of drawing and sheathing and applying attack riders and damage.

So if wielding two short swords, your attack two weapon attack deals 2d6+attribute, using the higher of the two enhancement bonuses if one of your weapons has one. If wielding a rapier and dagger, it would be 1d8+1d4+attribute. This is exactly the same as a greatsword deals. After extra attack, you would make one weapon attack, one two weapon attack for a combined 3d6+2*attribute with shortswords, 1d6 less than a greatsword. If you have poisoned weapons or similar, this may be beneficial. Otherwise, greatswords and polearms deal more damage.

Two-Weapon Fighting Style.
Two-weapon fighting no longer requires that both weapons have the light property. When wielding two weapons, you strike with whichever hand has the better angle of attack, gaining a +1 bonus to weapon attack rolls.

Dual Wielder Feat.
Once on your turn, when you take the attack action and are two-weapon fighting, you may make one attack as a bonus action.
While two-weapon fighting, you may make a two-weapon attack in place of a reaction weapon attack, such as an opportunity attack.
You gain +1 to AC.

Natural Weapons and Two-Weapon Fighting. A character attacks with natural weapons as if he were dual wielding.

Multiple Arms. A character with multiple arms can add each additional arm’s attack to a two-weapon strike.

For example, Norman is a four-armed, dual-wielding, natural weapon using fighter with two scimitars and two bear claws. He has the Extra Attack (2) feature from the Fighter. On his turn, he makes one multiple-arm two-weapon strike. He rolls one attack with his highest attack roll with modifiers. If he hits, his attack deals his primary weapon’s damage, plus his off-hand, plus his bear claws’ damage. Norman’s two-weapon strike would deal 2d6 + Strength + 2d4 damage + any attack riders. On a critical hit, all of this damage is doubled. His secondary and tertiary attack can be used to attack with any of his weapons that he wants to attack with. In addition, if Norman has the Dual Wielder Feat, he can use a bonus action to attack again.
*NOTE: In my house rules, scimitars deal 1d8 damage, so Norman would deal 2d8 + Strength + 2d4 + attack riders.

I think it needs to be clarified that a two-weapon strike does not apply on Extra Attacks, but only applies if the attack action is used for additional actions gained.
[November 12, 2015 at 7:17 am]

All this does is replace an attack of yours during your attack action (it is not an action in and of itself, similar to shove). Extra Attacks are used for a single weapon attack, not a two weapon strike. A fighter’s action surge and the Haste spell break this rule. I will try to add a little more language to clarify this.

edit: Done.
[November 12, 2015 at 1:17 pm]

Looking to change the wording to match the following from some work by Kryx on

When you take the Attack action while wielding two light melee weapons and attack with one of those weapons, you can make a second attack with the other weapon. You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of the second attack, unless that modifier is negative.

This is what I wrote in the original post but vastly simplified and easier to understand.


While I have a PDF of the original write up, I cannot find the link again, and the link I originally shared is broken.

Looking at this again, it isn’t quite the same and needs another review for simplicity but also to denote that the two-weapon strike is a single attack, not two, and needs language for characters with more than two arms. Looking @ogie.

The quote from is the same mechanic as listed in the 5e PHB, but does not consume the bonus action.

So would it be better to utilize his option (which allows for the second attack and all the talk about rogues getting a second chance at sneak attack) with some kind of addition for clarifying a multi-armed character, or would it be better to pursue the other option (which was also found on

I think the current rule for two-weapon fighting and striking is good as is. It helps to differentiate between:

  • The single weapon combatant who has many different uses for a bonus action
  • The dual wielder
  • The single weapon combatant with a shield

There is already a thing in the Monster Manual for multi-armed or multi-headed creatures, that when they take the Attack Action, all heads/arms get to attack. Also, each head/arm gets a Reaction for Opportunity Attacks. Obviously, the #of heads/arms in this manner is for a # greater than normal (1 head, 2 arms)