Vision and Mission

We set our Mission Statement as a guiding principle in decision-making that will help us achieve our Vision.

Redemption Studio is a Christian art forum for artists, crafters, creators, makers, enthusiasts, and their families, friends, and guests. We fellowship by sharing, discussing, critiquing, and enjoying artwork in Jesus Christ.

Redemption Studio seeks to be a place where imagination and faith meld together to illustrate the joys, sufferings, and mysteries of life, faith in Christ through the Gospel, and the gift and ability to partake in creation. For some time, I have desired to be able to share ideas and creations with more than immediate friends and family; I desire to share my works with people from other countries, different ways of thinking, and with the broader Internet as a whole, and this place is the fruit of that dream. Whether it be poetry, artwork, prose, gaming, programming, theology, or some other project, I want to see this site become a place to share these dreams, ideas, thoughts, and creations with others. T. H. Wright—that’s me—started this site as a place to share my work; I hope that this place can generate thought and discussion and to help and encourage others to share in the awe of creation and art. The existence of this site as an open community for discussions and sharing ideas accomplishes its work in furthering the mission, but there is something better.

We are Creating in the Image.

Who Are We?

Redemption Studio began as my (T. H. Wright's) blog, but under another name. As I considered more about what I wanted my blog to share, why I was starting a blog, and the various internet-based services I intended to have available on my site, I realized my selfish intents and the need to expand. What began as a simple blog for sharing my artwork—as I didn't want to consider the copyright rules of other distributors—and a place for my friends and family to have forums to store our conversations,[^0] has turned public facing and is encouraging the public to be involved.

It isn’t my desire for this website to be a source of ad revenue or a place to share the daily musings of my life. I am a man of one million hobbies and I wanted a place to share my work rather than letting it collect in some buried folder on my workstation or remaining in the land of ideas and dreams.[1] As such, I welcome others to join this would-be blog site and to participate in something bigger and for something bigger than their self. As my faith calls me to a higher purpose and a more humble station, I am passing a portion of that calling along to them.

I’m calling Redemption Studio a Creators’ Guild.[2] Redemption Studio is to be a place for sharing works of art and to discuss culture, literature, life, and faith. Artists are welcome to submit their art on our pages. Redemption Studio doesn’t require it to be your only artistic community, and we encourage discussion of works in person at an authors’ club or, if you so desire, on our site’s forums. I recall a university course of mine which restricted feedback of work in the class to only positive comments. We weren’t allowed to critique, only to encourage other writers. To say the least, the feedback I received wasn’t always useful. While I want this place to be gracious and loving, as I’m sure the instructor aimed for classroom policy to facilitate, steel is forged in the heat, and as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Redemption Studio welcomes criticism, whether analysis, focus, or style, that hones a creator’s work or gives them new things to consider, or even see where they are faltering. I’d hope that such feedback would be given in a manner indicative of suggestion and opportunities for improvement, not for an artist’s destruction. I cherish my work and I want others to know that their efforts to create are good and inspire others. I want to see my work grow, change, and develop. As such, I don’t want this blog to solely exist for consumption, or a simple place to publish whatever feels good, no matter how banal or poor in quality it may be. I don’t bother considering purchasing some technological device for mere consumption, it isn’t the most useful of devices, and I don’t expect my artwork to follow that pattern either. While these devices have even a place in society, I don’t have some hunger that needs to be fed by a flashing screen and I have far better things to do with my time than gorge my cravings and consume alone.[3] While it is good to read and engage with others works, I want Redemption Studio to be a hub for people to gather, and in that place works can be shared and discussed, not absorbed and forgotten through couch-osmosis.

As a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my blog has spiritual and religious themes. I chose the name for similar reasons. A part of my personal doctrine is the belief that part of God’s image is the ability to create, and as such, this site places an emphasis on the Image of God. This website so strives that life, faith, culture, literature, technology, gaming, and more would be our subject matter, and that fellowship would ensue from this mutual benefit. Perhaps it may be best viewed then as an online artist’s club. We meet, we review and discuss our recent work, we eat digital chips and salsa.

  1. That and having a place to share the work gives me accountability to finishing a work and publishing it. ↩︎

  2. Mostly because I am a nerd and guild has all sorts of nerdiness associated with it through MMORPG and tabletop RPGs. ↩︎

  3. Let alone binge-watch; a man’s wife can only watch so much Star Trek. ↩︎