What the Right Gets Wrong about Social Justice Culture - Quillette

In keeping with a stream of other posts I have shared (linked in this topic), this Quillette article seeks to build on some of what is becoming clear within the movements on the left side of politics, and it is doing so by critiquing the position of the popular views/talking points of the Right. In its place the author begins an analysis of what is becoming clear with the movements of what is frequently referred to as social justice or anti-racist. I think it does a good job of at getting the basic theories behind the movement right and challenges the Right to think about how they will respond. I think some of the dignity, victimhood, shame/honor, guilt/legal culture/society idea is overdone in today’s world, but I think it does a fair job of not straw manning the opponent and not letting mocking and ridicule be permitted as the proper response to the movement.