Why So Many Political and Cultural Posts Lately?

If you came to Redemption Studio hoping to find a bunch of posts and only posts on artwork, only to find topics from theology to economics to politics being regularly posted, you may be wondering if you landed on the correct website or if the website is perhaps wrongly labeled as an art website. Your observation is not wrong; a vast majority of my sharing links as of late have been on topics that are not directly about artwork or which do not feature artwork as the point of discussion. This though misses a point and purpose of artwork. Artwork is not limited and should not be limited to a Bob Ross show. Artwork interacts with human philosophy, and deeply so.

There are several reasons why I have been sharing numerous such posts.

Image Source: Pixabay

First, politics is bludgeoning our culture to death, which is to say that the issues of politics are a burden on everyone. You might say, “I need a respite somewhere from all of it,” and I would agree, but let me encourage you to consider not only how you can find rest in God but how you can use artwork to help others struggling in this time.

Second, the Bible talks about these things. As our society more and more tries to relegate the Bible to the “Does Not Apply” category, their issues more and more scream out for a Personal Absolute and moral objectivity.

Third, artwork should be used for the cultural mandate, teaching our culture, edifying the Church, and criticizing non-Christian worldviews (which are found in non-Christian art). Christian artwork is both part of human activity and God’s creation-dated command and it can be used to help the Church, whether to meditate and reflect, to process and analyze, or even to think clearly and communicate what the Church believes to others.

Fourth, I have seen non-Christian art which has blatantly stated that if you do not hold to the artist’s political views or worldview, then that artist’s artwork is neither to be associated with nor utilized by you. We need to understand such an artist’s worldview as he or she represents a segment of our culture and the surrounding population. If we do not understand his view, then we cannot show compassion towards it or criticize it and offer and appropriate apologetic.

Fifth, as I have attempted to read more and more from outside my own circles, I have thought it beneficial to share the articles I read for others to consider and discuss. I do not share everything I read, but if I think the article is worth discussing, then I share it.

This may be a non-exhaustive list of reasons for why political posts should be shared on an arts website, but it should be at least a sampling of why Christian artists should not avoid politics and art like the plague. Many great works throughout history have been a reflection of the political climates in which their authors have lived. We need good and great artwork for today’s day and age that shows how the Gospel shines forth in such situations.