Woke America Is a Russian Novel

The author makes some comparisons between 19th-century Russia, using literature, and 21st-century America. As I continue to try to think through everything happening around us, as I feel swept away in the deluge, uncertain what is the proper way to begin thinking, I find myself needing to wait. In the world of the Twitterverse, waiting is seen as inaction, waiting as seen as being complicit, but the wisdom of the Proverbs and James 1:19–21 still speaks through it all.

In order to best wait, I find thinking and seeking wisdom to be the best help the Lord has given us outside prayer and his grace in the Gospel. While I think some of the thoughts he presents are reductionistic, which he says is part of the problem, I still think the article is worth a read in addition to everything else.

That being said, I do hope that I will be able to start posting my own artwork again soon! It has been a long, busy season that will hopefully ease up.