World Events Known By The People's Of Eastern Nirath

NOTE: These events are occurring all over Eastern Nirath. These events have occurred over a duration of the past 2-1/2 years.

  1. Guilds and Societies
    1. The Elusively Unknown
      1. A rumor is going around about this strange guild that advertises its anonymity
    2. The Craftsman's Guild
      1. The guild has opened its doors to new membership
  2. Politics and War
    1. The Giant War
      1. The war between the Mountain Giants and Hill Giants of central-eastern Feldour has ended; the Mountain Giants have supposedly won
    2. The Dwarf War
      1. The five major clans of Dwarves (Rar'Ilan, Ghrisheln, Attenarn, Undowaul, Ivundarn) spread across the lands have declared war on one another; all Dwarves are advised to stay away from other clans; the Dwarves of Yogaz, Iperia, and Roheim are choosing to remain neutral
    3. Sovilar's War
      1. The forces of Sovilar have begun marching south
    4. Iperia
      1. Bar'urek of Iperia has allied himself with Sovilar; he has increased taxes on his peoples
    5. The Goblin Exile
      1. The Dwarves of Elz'Kadon have evicted the goblins from their homeland; the goblins have been flooding the Iperian lands
    6. Sulanaar
      1. The Orcs and Elves of Sulanaar have broken out in war again; the main effort has unleashed between Loktorug and Tessahn
    7. Yogaz
      1. The Kingdom of Lolet of Yogaz has increased its shipping
    8. Fabril
      1. Flamebather, a dragon come from the subterranean kingdoms of Undowaul and Magmattar, has laid siege and claimed the throne of the peoples of Roheim
    9. The Future
      1. The strange peoples supposedly from the future continue to wage war; they have been fighting over Roheim
      2. The Trade Capitol of Eastern Nirath, Covenince, has been laid waste
  3. News and Mysteries
    1. The Champions of the Necromance
        A group of heroes has conquered a major source of the foulest necromancy
    2. The Storm Over Lasad
      1. A strange storm is dominating the central-wesern coast of Mirdroth
    3. The Elves of Prire Sail East
      1. An adventurous group of elves have set sail for the east.
    4. Strange Activity in the Rune Timber Woods
      1. A rumor says strange things unseen since the days of the Mage of Yore called Elpinak are going on in Prire, in the Rune Timber Woods
    5. The Pylons of Sulanaar
      1. The pylon on top of Mount Yar has been acting strangely