World Feature: Landmark

The Landmark
This suggestion/idea is for the sake of classifying certain elements of campaign worlds, to make communication between DMs and Players a bit easier by using common terminologies.

For the story driven campaigns (that is to say, excluding ‘sandbox’ type campaigns), locales that the party members visit can be placed into two camps: insignificant places that the party briefly interacts with for the sake of getting on with the campaign (a pass-through town, a landing harbor, etc.), and very significant places where important events will take place.

The Landmark is intended to be the in-between of these two categories. For the sake of a technical definition:

  • A Landmark should be memorable to the players, something worthy of thought.
  • A Landmark should be accessible to the players most of the time.
  • A Landmark should be dynamic like the rest of the world, reflecting the impact that the players have upon the world.
  • A Landmark should have a simple and thoughtful name and theme. Easy for the party to remember, with a thematic tied to it in case the players forget the name itself.
  • A Landmark should not be a key element to the campaign's story.
  • The fate of the Landmark should pose no detriment to the success of the party.
  • A Landmark could be the site of a major story element, but just by coincidence.
Also, it would seem advantageous to introduce Landmarks through coincidental travel, and not by necessity of driving the story, so as to help the Landmark come across as "something nice that we could visit again sometime in the future" rather than "this place is super important and serious, and we are forced to go there if we want the campaign to progress".

As an example, and SPOILER:
A Landmark planned for introduction in both Yogaz campaigns is the Falls of Valor, a set of waterfalls where a veterans’ memorial is found, which is located near an old battlefield by the border of Kuvera and Impartiel. When the party decides to cross the border, they can say “we want to stop by the Falls of Valor on our way over the border”. Interesting, but ultimately mundane, NPCs can be interacted with, information can be gathered, and the party can witness the Falls change over time with repeated visits.