Wrenn's Legacy Feature

Mask of the Oni Spirit

Your character has bonded with an oni mask which is possessed by a dark spirit.
You can see the spirit wearing the mask itself. The spirit appears as a large, hulking blue Oni, standing 7 feet tall with horns.
This spirit can influence the material environment around it, though the average individual (and above average, in some cases) can only see the mask.
The spirit can also communicate information that is considered esoteric to Wrenn (the specifics of this information is up to the DM, per case)

Powers of the Oni
You gain +2 Charisma
You cannot be put to sleep by magical means
You know the cantrip Druidcraft

Familiar Bond
The mask is considered a familiar, as defined by the Find Familiar spell.
The mask can also deliver any Touch-ranged spell for you.

Spirited Bond
Wrenn can bond with the spirit, joining bodies and giving control to the Oni spirit for up to 1 hour. This can only happen twice per long rest.
While bonded, you gain the following benefits:
Stat boons: You temporarily gain +4 Strength, +2 Dexterity, and +2 Constitution
Hardened Will: You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed.
Bonus spells: You can use the spells Misty Step, Crown of Madness, and Death Ward once per possession.
Dominate Will: You can use the spell Dominate Person/Monster twice per possession.


Typically, I talk out a character’s legacy feature with the player over Skype or some other voip program, but I figured we’d get a head start on this because it seems like you already have a good idea what you want your character to be and do.

I’ll give you summarized examples of the other characters’ legacy features so you have an idea of what to suggest for the mechanical benefits of your legacy feature:
A djinni, gaining the stats of a djinni as listed in the 5e Monster Manual, with creation/conjuration and element spellcasting.
An avatar of the orcish god of war and thunder, Gruumsh, channeled through a divine suit of armor, gaining combat use abilities.
A runic templar wizard, utilizing runic armor and weapons as well as a mana pool. Mainly equipment based bonuses.
A ninja assassin who melds into shadows, has great mobility, and while sneak attacking, can outright assassinate a target.
A half-dragon who acts as a capacitor for electricity, absorbing shock damage and unleashing it back at his enemies, sending forth lightning and calling lightning down from the heavens.
A naive, wannabe pirate captain who is guided by a sentient sword, providing him with incredibly uncanny luck and the ability to control the local weather. Could also commandeer mundane objects as “floating ships” (slabs of rock, buildings, etc.)

As for your character’s plot hook, an example of what the other characters are adventuring for:
A wandering djinni, banished from his home plane, now exploring the Material Plane and getting himself into whatever troubles cross his way.
An exiled noble ninja who is searching for allies and an army to help reclaim his homeland. He has made friends with the charismatic djinni and follows the djinni in hopes of finding potential followers along the way.
A runic templar wizard searching for magical artifacts throughout the land. Meeting the djinni, who seems to attract many magical people and objects, decides to follow the djinni as the most likely way of finding magical artifacts.
A retired military chief, searching for his brother who was lost during a heist. Follows one of the djinni’s accomplices who claims to know him as an actual deity and also claims to know how to find his brother.

It seems so far, the party is mostly “Mr. Djinni and Friends”, who have not yet received the campaign’s main hook/objective (but will, in the next session). Perhaps you can work your character’s adventuring motivations around these ideas.

Concerning the “geographical location” of the party, they are on the continent of Yogaz, dominated by three superpowers: Kuvera, Nasr, Valua.
Kuvera, a primarily temperate woodland+mountain landscape. Has a stratocratic government (militaristic), is recovering from the fallout of a magical experiment gone wrong. The largest of the superpowers.
Nasr, a primarily desert landscape. Is an empire of smaller nations, with an empirical monarch called the Nasultan. Use of magic, apart from the Nasultan and specially appointed parties, is outlawed in the land. The middle of the superpowers.
Valua, a very hilly and mountainous landscape. Its form of government is not very well known outside of its borders, but seems to be capitalistic society under the rule of a parliament. Very industrialized, has heavy isolationist policies, hard to access. The smallest of the superpowers.
The party is currently in Nasr’s capital city, Balansiyyah, a walled behemoth of land (for size and visual representation, think of Ba Sing Se of the Earth Kingdom in the Avatar series). The city is currently being besieged by unknown forces (which are now unknown to the party), spreading chaos throughout the city as several crime syndicates and underground anti-authoritarian groups take advantage of the situation.

This could help provide some context for developing a reason for your character’s current location near the party and how they encounter/join the party.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I’m usually very available to help collaborate on character creation.

A suggestion/idea I have for easy character background, is to be part of an underground society that collects artifacts.

When we start the next session, another character that is not already with the party is going to start off as part of this society, and it’d make things quite easy for me in terms getting you two into the main adventuring party.

Just a thought if you’re okay with that.
[December 15, 2015 at 5:05 pm]

The underground artifact society works for me. I was thinking that he would come from a wandering merchants caravan with his family but that could easily be incorporated into the society idea.

Lets say he found the oni mask through the society and gained his warlock abilities through that discovery. Maybe he is just an entry level apprentice and his family works for the society. I want this kid to be very innocent and discovering adventuring for the first time. To make up for the fact that we are lvl 9 I can just say that he received a lot of power at once and doesn’t fully understand it.
[December 16, 2015 at 10:51 pm]

The legacy item would definitely be the mask and I would somehow like that to also be my familiar from pact of the chain somehow. The mask is a spirit oni so it could float on its own. There are stats for it from 3.5 but it is pretty weak so idk if we would just want to do a reflavored sprite or something. I’m not sure how familiars work in 5e and I’ve hardly used my witch’s familiar in pathfinder.
[December 16, 2015 at 11:32 pm]