Zukuto's Legacy Feature

Shinobi Shozoku

Shinobi Utility
Your shozoku contains two Bags of Holding in the form of pockets, one on each side of your waistline.
One pocket contains 50 tagged masterwork throwing knives:

  • 30 are tagged with an Explosive Rune that detonates (the knife is lost after this) 1 round after contacting a surface (6d6 force damage, 10 ft. radius)
  • 10 are tagged with the word Jaunt
  • 10 are untagged.
The other pocket contains 8 potions of healing (1d8 health restored) and a medical healing kit.

You gain Expertise in Stealth

When you are unarmed and succeed on a Block defense action against a melee attack, you can make a free disarm check on your attacker’s weapon.

Sneak Attack
You gain sneak attack as the Rogue does.

When sneak attacking and unarmed, you can perform an assassination attempt on a target with less than 10 HD.
Roll 1d20+prof. bonus+STR mod, against the target’s check of 1d20+CON mod.
A successful check results in the target dropping to 0 hp instantly.